Seattle Bengal Cats

Welcome to our
“Silver Breeze Bengals” Cattery

We have only purebred Bengals from quality producers and will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions with recommendations on caring for a Bengal kitten

We are a small in-home Bengal cattery, located in Washington State, Seattle area. The first time we explored the idea of breeding Bengal cats was in 2019 when our daughter asked us for a purebred kitten for her birthday.

We looked at many different breeds and completely fell in love with Bengal cats!
We especially fell in love with the appearance and temperament of these cats.
All of our cats grew up at home, surrounded with children’s love and
care which is why all our kittens and their parents are very well socialized.

In our breeding program, we focus on producing silver and brown spotted bengals.
Our main focus is quality not quantity. For this reason, we keep our numbers small so that each cat
and kitten receives individual attention from birth to the date of adoption into their homes.
Potential buyers are welcome to visit our Cattery to view kittens and their parents.
All of our Bengal cats are from champion bloodlines and registered with TICA ( International Cat Association).
Who are we?
Our breeding cats are DNA tested for PK-Def
( a genetic condition that impairs the red blood cells and may cause anemia and other blood related issues), and
PRA( Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy that causes blindness in cats).
We regularly screen breeding cats for HCM and do not breed an affected cat.
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